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This component of the evaluation addresses the extent to which the 89 SVORI programs (69 grantees) increase access to services and promote systems change. Because the local SVORI programs are not based on a single program model, an implementation assessment component is needed to identify the program characteristics associated with any successful outcomes identified by the impact evaluation. The primary source of data for the implementation assessment is three surveys of the SVORI program directors. These surveys are mailed to the program directors and, following return of the completed survey to the evaluation team, a follow-up telephone conversation is conducted with each program director to review the completed instrument and clarify any ambiguous responses.

Two rounds of survey data collection with local SVORI program directors have been completed and the third and final round is currently underway. Data from these surveys characterize the individual programs, including providing information on the target population(s), the program elements, the timing of programs and services, the agencies participating in SVORI, and the degree of coordination among agencies. The first round of data was collected in the fall of 2003 and was used to produce the National Portrait of SVORI. A second survey was sent to the program directors in early 2005. Results of the 2005 PD survey can be accessed by using our Interactive Program Search or by viewing individual program profiles available in the Site Information section. A third survey was sent in March 2006 and focuses on issues related to sustainability, ways in which SVORI activities were successful, and suggestions for improving the programs.

In addition to the program director surveys, which generate descriptive data for all 89 SVORI programs, two rounds of site visits have been conducted with the subset of programs included in the impact evaluation. The site visits generate detailed information from a variety of key stakeholders involved in SVORI (including line staff, supervisors, and top administrators from the pre- and post-release supervision agencies, service provider agencies, and other key partners) and enable the evaluation team to more fully characterize program implementation, inter-agency collaboration, and sustainability in the sites selected for the impact evaluation.

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