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The impact evaluation employs strong quasi-experimental comparisons of outcomes for returning prisoners who do and do not receive SVORI services before release and during the first two years after release from prison. The impact evaluation will be based on a longitudinal study of returning prisoners in selected sites. The data collection consists of four in-person interviews with offenders. Baseline interviews are being conducted in about 150 prisons and juvenile detention facilities across the country. These interviews, which began in July 2004 and will continue through November 2005, are conducted approximately one month prior to release. Follow-up interviews are conducted at three, nine, and fifteen months following release. The follow-up interviews are conducted in the community or, for those reincarcerated, in prison or jail (if possible). Drug tests (oral swab) are being conducted at the three- and fifteen-month interviews. Administrative data will also be collected for the impact evaluation.

Completed interviews as of August 18, 2005
  Baseline     3 Months Post-release     9 Months Post-release  
2168 779 217

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