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SVORI Grantees in Montana

Montana Department of Corrections
The Montana Department of Corrections/Juvenile Corrections Division will increase community services for juvenile and young adult offenders coming from institutional mental health programs. The program will rely on aftercare coordinators to ensure that juvenile and young adult offenders make a smooth transition to the community. While the youth is still incarcerated, quarterly meetings that involve the offender's family in the reentry process will allow families to see the facility, understand the programs in which the offender is involved, and make a commitment to the offender's return to the community. The coordinators will focus on specific issues that have been problematic for some returning offenders, especially those on medication. The aftercare coordinator will also provide referrals to appropriate professionals and local decisionmakers for adequate provision and supervision of medications. The target population for this program will include youth (both male and female) committed to the Department of Corrections for offenses (homicide, sexual assault, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, felony theft, and arson) that would be felonies if the offender were an adult.

SVORI Program(s) within this grantee:
      Offender Reentry

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