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SVORI Grantees in Missouri

Missouri Department of Social Services
The Missouri Department of Social Services, Division of Youth Service (DYS), will focus on Missouri's most serious, at-risk juvenile offenders and provide them with an opportunity to experience healthy relationships, learn vocational skills, and develop a sense of community responsibility and work ethic. The target population is adjudicated offenders ages1421 who are committed to DYS. The program will be available to youth statewide and will include youth committed to the dual jurisdiction program, who will serve adult probation after completing their sentence in a juvenile facility. DYS will provide hands-on vocational exploration instruction in some of its residential sites. It will also partner with local community colleges and trade schools, enlist industry involvement, and employ mentors/custodians to increase personal productivity and self-reliance while youth receive aftercare services. In addition, DYS will establish programs for youth who successfully complete an individualized curriculum of treatment and educational goals and objectives in a residential setting. During a youth's transition to the community, DYS will help the youth pursue formal vocational/career skills, acquire job retention abilities, and develop independent living skills. Youth who meet the enrollment requirements of community colleges, vocational schools, or trade industry apprenticeship programs will be assigned a mentor/custodian roommate on the campus or in the immediate community. Local contact: Dennis M. Gragg, 5737512799. OJP contact: Adam Spector, 2023070703.

SVORI Program(s) within this grantee:
      Going Home - DYS
Missouri Department of Corrections
The Missouri Department of Corrections, in conjunction with the Missouri Board of Probation and Parole, will provide institutional and community-based services to high-risk offenders ages 1735 from St. Louis and Kansas City. The program will provide transitional services that include employment training, educational services, substance abuse treatment, mental health treatment, medical services, vocational skills training, restitution and restorative justice activities, transitional housing assistance, community support services, aftercare services, social skills and life skills training, postrelease supervision, and intensive case management. Local contact: James Mitchell, 5735266435. OJP contact: Adam Spector, 2023070703.

SVORI Program(s) within this grantee:
      Project Connect

Yellow = Juvenile
Blue = Adult
Green = Combination

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