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SVORI Grantees in Massachusetts

Massachusetts Department of Youth Services
The Massachusetts Department of Youth Services (DYS) will target high-risk offenders ages 1621 returning to targeted neighborhoods in the City of Boston. DYS will work with various local employment, law enforcement, social services, and treatment agencies and several youth and community organizations. This effort will provide mental health services, individual and group counseling, medical and dental services, housing assistance, vocational training, intensive case management, intensive supervision and monitoring, job placement, life skills training, parenting classes, educational assistance, in- and outpatient health services, apprenticeship opportunities, community outreach and support, and ongoing reentry staff support.

SVORI Program(s) within this grantee:
      Metro/Boston Reentry Program
Massachusetts Department of Correction
The Massachusetts Department of Corrections will target high-risk offenders ages 1835. The program will assess offenders' needs in housing, substance abuse, mental health, and employment and will address these needs by developing individual program participation plans. Project funds will be used to provide housing-related services for offenders within the target population; design, build, test, and improve a system using ongoing resources so that reentry programs are not dependent on federal funding; enhance existing state and local resources and provide options not otherwise available or sufficient; and hire one full-time director of reentry, five full-time reentry case managers, and five full-time housing specialists.

SVORI Program(s) within this grantee:
      Massachusetts DOC

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