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SVORI Grantees in Alabama

Alabama Department of Youth Services
The Alabama Department of Youth Services will provide institutional and community-based services to approximately 100 high-risk young offenders returning to Mobile County upon release from state correctional confinement. Alabama's reentry initiative will include employment training and job placement, educational services, vocational training, substance abuse treatment, mental health treatment, counseling, family support services, housing assistance, community support services, mentoring, teen programming, intensive monitoring, supervision, and intensive case management.

SVORI Program(s) within this grantee:
      Going Home to Mobile
Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs
The Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs will partner with Aid to Inmate Mothers, Aletheia House, and the University of Alabama at Birmingham's Treatment Alternatives to Street Crime to develop a comprehensive reentry program that uses existing resources to help female offenders reintegrate into communities throughout the state. The program's services will be designed to meet the unique needs of women and mothers with children, and case managers will assess offenders and prepare individualized reentry plans that include in-prison and community-based services. The program will target female inmates between the ages of 25 and 35 who are serving sentences at the Julia Tutwiler State Correctional Facility, Alabama's only prison for women considered high risk for recidivism. Participation will be voluntary and is in exchange for early release. The program will be limited to 160 serious and violent female offenders during a 3-year period.

SVORI Program(s) within this grantee:
      Female Adult

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