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SVORI Grantees in Florida

Florida Department of Corrections
The Florida Department of Corrections (FDOC) will partner with the Palm Beach County Workforce Development Board and several state and local agencies to develop a community-based reentry program that will focus on public safety, reducing recidivism among youthful offenders, and decreasing overall crime rates. The FDOC's reentry program will target youthful offenders ages 18–35 who have been released from state correctional facilities and are returning to Palm Beach County. FDOC's reentry program will provide job training and placement, educational services, vocational assistance, counseling, anger management counseling, substance abuse treatment, mental health treatment, housing assistance, long-term community-based support, community service, faith-based mentoring, family reunification, victim restitution, and intensive case management.

SVORI Program(s) within this grantee:
      The Serious and Violent Reentry Initiative
Florida Department of Juvenile Justice
The Florida Department of Juvenile Justice (FDJJ) will target offenders ages 15–19 who have committed at least one violent felony. FDJJ will implement the programs in Duval County, Circuit 4 (serving 25 offenders annually); Miami–Dade County, Circuit 11 (serving 100 offenders annually); and Hillsborough County, Circuit 13 (serving 25 offenders annually). Services will include substance abuse treatment, employment training, case management and supervision, and mental health services.

SVORI Program(s) within this grantee:
      "Going Home" SVORI

Yellow = Juvenile
Blue = Adult
Green = Combination

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